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Treatment of school property

  • We guide the children to treat toys, teaching aids and books with respect and care. All school staff set an example to the children - by their attitude to school property.

  • Attention is paid to observing the mutually agreed rules of coexistence, which include the careful handling of all nursery equipment.

  • In the event of damage to Kindergarten property by the children, the teacher may arrange for repair or replacement in consultation with the guardians.

  • Children are allowed to bring their personal toys provided they meet the safety requirements and with the teacher's approval.

  • The legal guardian acknowledges the possibility of loss or damage to the toy brought in, without claim for compensation.

  • While on the premises, legal guardians are obliged to behave in such a way that they do not damage the property of the Kindergarten and, if they discover any damage, to report this fact immediately to the teacher.

  • There is a strict ban on smoking and alcohol consumption in all areas of the school.

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