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How time passed in Pididomek

In 2013 we founded our first kindergarten, which served as a company kindergarten for 13 children and was located just a short walk from the main train station in the street near Půjčovny in Prague 1. A year later it became a children's group supported by European subsidies. In 2016 we decided to expand and opened a new branch in Mladá Boleslav with a capacity of 48 children. In September of the same year we opened our first class for 18 children and within a year we expanded our capacity with three more smaller groups with a total capacity of 30 children.

In 2018, we received requests from parents to start a kindergarten, so we decided to apply for accreditation. After a successful inspection in 2019 we were included in the register of schools of the Ministry of Education. That same year we took another major step when we were able to take over the premises at the National Theatre to build two playgroups with a total capacity of 24 children and one kindergarten with a capacity of 18 children. On 2 September 2019 we were excited to open our new premises at 35 Pštrossova Street in Prague 1. As the new address was very busy, we decided to hand over our first branch at the Lending Library to other hands.

In 2022 we took a major step and thanks to a loan we were able to buy a new building for another branch with a capacity for 60 children. We are thrilled to be able to provide quality education for more children and look forward to the continued growth of our preschool.

Děti hrající v mateřské škole

It is important for us that the children feel respect and that they develop a healthy self-esteem. Therefore, we follow the principle of "Respect and Be Respected" which promotes understanding of emotions and opens the door to personal growth. We strive to create an environment where children can develop their skills and interests without undue pressure. For the little ones we have Montessori workshops where they can play and discover the world around them. Our activities are designed to engage all the senses as much as possible so that children can have an unforgettable experience. In our environment, children feel accepted and respected, which leads to positive development and growth.


Access to respect and be respected

Děti ve vnitřním dětském hřišti

Our mission

"Pididomek is a place where family education is combined with quality education and a respectful approach. Our goal is to give children a strong foundation for life and prepare them for their future education. We believe that by encouraging independence and healthy self-esteem, we can help children reach their full potential. We strive to create an environment where children feel safe and supported to grow and develop into the best version of themselves."

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