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Pštrossova 37, 110 00 Prague 1

kindergarten and nursery

Prague branch in a nutshell:

  • Kindergarten - 1st class: 18 children, 2 qualified teachers and 2 assistants

  • Children's group - 2 classes: 24 children, 6 caregivers

Kindergarten Pididomek Prague

The kindergarten is located in the very centre of Prague, right behind the National Theatre, which allows children to visit interesting cultural monuments, museums or discover the "world around us" in an experiential way. The kindergarten itself has its own playground right in the building with an area of 400 m2, where we prepare many outdoor activities for children throughout the year. In the kindergarten we deepen what we consider central in today's world, to create an environment where children experience a happy and playful childhood.

Cute little boy

Kindergarten Pididomek Prague

It is an accredited kindergarten, which was established with the aim of building on the childcare services of the Pidididomek Prague children's group and offering children education until the start of compulsory schooling according to the framework educational programme of the Ministry of Education.

The maximum capacity of 18 children per two teachers and one bilingual assistant allows to offer different forms of education - work in small groups and individual approach.

Children's group Pididomek Prague

The Pididomek Prague children's group has a capacity of 24 children aged 1.5 - 3 years per 6 caregivers. The children's group is divided into "Bruchci" and "Mole" classes.


  • The motto of education "Respect and be respected"

  • Max. 4 children per caregiver in the children's group

  • Inspiring environment with Montessori tools

Learning the alphabet


Afternoon rings

  • Czech language beginners/advanced

  • Dancing

  • English

  • Science experiments

Food menu


Variety and balance are the main criteria when preparing healthy snacks. Fruits and vegetables are part of every snack. The snacks in the following list change each week. The current weekly menu with allergens can be found on the bulletin board in the lobby. If your child has an allergy or food intolerance, you may bring your own snacks. We offer water and unsweetened fruit tea to drink.

Lunch menu

We buy lunches from EKOLANDIA, a school catering company, primary art school and kindergarten Ltd. We cook according to the consumption basket, but also to make sure that the food is not only healthy, but also tastes great. It is cooked with fresh ingredients, without artificial flavourings and excessive salt, using any vegetables and herbs to flavour and flavour the food. In addition to traditional ingredients, we also include (un)traditional ingredients such as bulgur, buckwheat, buckwheat so that the diet is varied... We encourage children to taste different foods, but we do not force them to eat. We help young children. If they can already eat without our help, we give them enough time to eat.

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