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Health and safety

  • Teachers are responsible for the safety of children throughout their stay in the kindergarten, from the time they are taken from their legal representatives or a person authorized by them until they are handed over to their legal representatives or a person authorized by them.

  • The school shall arrange for the children to be insured against accident by an insurance company. In the event of an accident, parents will receive an insurance claim form from the Headteacher. This insurance covers all events that the nursery school organises.

  • Teachers may refuse a child in justified cases e.g. if the child shows signs of illness. Should a child have a fracture, they can only be admitted with a doctor's recommendation.

  • It is not desirable to bring valuable items to the kindergarten.

  • We pay increased attention to creating the foundations of healthy life habits and attitudes in children.

  • The educational content of the curriculum includes integrated blocks, which are aimed at preventing socially pathological phenomena and manifestations of discrimination.

  • Together with the children, we create rules of coexistence. By respecting them, we prevent hostility or violence.

  • Children are regularly taught about safety.

  • Strangers are forbidden to be on the school premises without being accompanied by the staff of the kindergarten. Visitors are required to check in with school staff.

  • When events are held on school grounds, including the playground, all attendees are required to follow the safety policy. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children, including their younger siblings. The same principle applies when picking up children

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