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Internal rules of the canteen

It follows:

  • Act No.561/2004 Coll., on pre-school, primary, secondary, higher vocational and other education (Education Act),

  • Decree No 107/2005 Coll., on school meals, as amended,   

  • and the applicable hygiene regulations.

1.Rights and obligations of boarders and legal representatives of children

  • In the school canteen, boarders shall behave in a respectful manner, observe the rules of cultural behaviour and dining, and respect the instructions of the school staff.

  • The legal representative has the right to make comments and suggestions on the work of the school canteen to the school principal.

  • The legal guardian is obliged to inform the school director of any change in the child's health, to immediately withdraw the child from lunch during illness, to respect the time of withdrawal from lunch and to observe the due dates for payment of school meals.

2. Operation and internal arrangements

Kindergarten drop-off times:

Breakfast      9:30 - 10:00

Lunch          11:45 - 12:30

Snack          14:30 - 15:00


Food menu

  •  The menu is posted on the information board in the Kindergarten.

  • A list of allergens is posted on the bulletin boards and on the school's website; each allergen is numbered.


Organisation of meals

  • The food is served to the children in the classrooms.  Kindergarten children are served a snack, a complete lunch consisting of soup, main course and a drink, and, if possible and appropriate, a salad, compote, fruit, dessert or dessert, a snack and a second snack.     Meals can be added on request.   

  • The food and drinks shall be consumed at the table, seated as a rule.

  • Meals served as part of school meals are eaten by boarders in the canteen in accordance with Decree No 107/2005 Coll., on school meals, § 2, paragraph 7.   

  • The school canteen worker at the kindergarten ensures the drinking regime for children and the dispensing of meals.

  • The staff of the school canteen is responsible for compliance with hygiene regulations in the production and distribution of food for children. When meals are served in the Kindergarten classrooms, the children's boarders are supervised by a pedagogical supervisor. Operational staff are responsible for the cleanliness of tables and floors. Cleaning in the school canteen is carried out continuously during the day.


(If a child's food cannot be checked out in time due to an unforeseen absence - most often illness - parents may come to pick it up between 12:00 and 12:30. Parents are required to bring their own carriers immediately before the meal is served.     This option is only on the first day of absence).

The food served in the carriers is intended for immediate consumption, no later than 14.00.  

The school canteen is responsible for the quality of the food up to the time of dispensing. The school assumes no responsibility for stored or heated food. The child's legal guardian is responsible for the cleanliness of the food carrier.


3. Health and Safety

  • Injuries and nausea are dealt with immediately. Parents are notified immediately.     Any accident is immediately recorded by the teacher in the accident book and reported to the school administration.

  • Teachers are fully responsible for the safety of children in the school's cafeteria.

  • For safety reasons, boarders shall behave in the school canteen in accordance with the rules of health and safety, hygiene regulations, good manners and the social rules of dining. Boarders are obliged to follow the instructions of the school canteen staff and the pedagogical supervision.


4. Protection of school property

  • Boarders are required to conserve facilities and equipment.

  • Children are encouraged by teachers and staff to protect school property. It is the responsibility of all school staff to protect and not damage school property.

  • Damage that is caused unintentionally is not covered by the boarder. The boarder or his/her legal representative is obliged to compensate for any damage caused intentionally.


5. Final provisions

  • The headmaster shall deal with any comments concerning the menu, the quality of the food, technical and hygienic defects in the operation of the school canteen (dispensary).

  • The internal rules of the school canteen are communicated to boarders and, in the case of pupils, to their legal representatives by posting the rules on the notice board in the kindergarten and on the school website.

  • Boarders are obliged to follow the instructions set out in these 'Internal School Canteen/Dispensary Regulations'.


    Effective from: 1 September 2019
    Headmistress of the Kindergarten Pidididomek Mladá Boleslav z.s.I am old, I understand common phenomena and connections, etc.)

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