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The motor area

At preschool age, the child learns to coordinate the activity of the fine muscles of the hand, learns the interplay of the eye and hand. This is very important for later work in school. At Pididomek we therefore provide children with ample opportunities every day.

  • Motor work - gluing, cutting, modelling, folding, folding, tearing out of paper, stringing, folding paper

  • Sensorimotor - linking hearing and seeing with movement (e.g. threading string through a pattern, clapping on a given word while listening to a text, etc.)
  • Graphomotorics - exercises to relax the hand, drawing basic graphomotor elements
  • Gross motor skills - jumping with a foot, standing on one leg, climbing, crawling, crossing obstacles, catching and throwing a ball, running with a light object in the hand, alternating between running and walking on cue, squatting with a straight back, rolling a ball on the ground with the sole of the foot, etc.
  • Fine motor skills - working with Montessori tools
  • Oromotorics - practicing speech muscles for preventive support of speech development
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