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Education and care plan

The year-round educational programme is divided into units according to the season and detailed by month. All activities are based on the children's most natural expression, which is play. The natural needs of the child, his/her integration into the team, society and the environment are respected. The activities are complemented by Montessori workshops, regular English, music and movement.


The aim is:

  • the acquisition of hygiene, cultural and social habits.

  • gaining experience, knowledge and insights

  • building self-confidence, independence and willpower

  • respect for rules and for others in the group

  • the ability to express and name their feelings

  • developing thinking, reasoning, memory, creativity

  • training patience, attention, graphomotor skills, gross and fine motor skills


Monthly plans

September – getting used to and familiar with kindergarten rules. Starting with self-care tasks, hygiene, eating, dressing, etc.

October – Montessori workshops with autumn fruits. We repeat kindergarten rules, practice self-care, games and rhymes with autumn themes (playing mole, hedgehog, etc.). Pumpkin festival for parents and children.

November – is marked by colourful leaves and preparation for hibernation, a narrowed selection of warm autumn colours.

December – St. Nicholas Day, Christmas customs, traditions, Advent. Poems and songs with Christmas themes. Making ornaments for the tree, decorating the tree, preparing for the Christmas pageant, baking cookies.

January – winter fun and the end of Christmas with the feast of the Three Kings. A new year begins, which we will divide into four seasons. Focusing on the winter season.

February – the month of health. We learn to know our bodies and how to take care of them, we name parts of the body, some organs and talk about their functions, we learn about health, we can distinguish what is good for it and what is bad for it.         Traditions about Mardi Gras, making masks for the carnival and the carnival pageant.

March – the awakening of nature. Another topic of working professions - what are my parents, a play on professions. Safety in the city, road traffic. We celebrate the month of the book by regularly reading fairy tales on children's choice.

April – Easter customs. Planting aspen trees and looking after them. Seasons - spring months. We celebrate Earth Day.

May – animals have babies, meadows bloom. Mother's Day with stories, what mothers look like, what their names are, poems. Preparation of the end of the day party.

June – children's day and play, life of bees, what grows in the garden and distinguishing fruit and vegetables.

July and August – weekly holiday programmes with attractive themes.


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