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Rules of mutual relations

Children have the right to:

  •  Providing protection and safety.

  • To have their needs met (need for food, drink, rest, privacy, exercise).   

  • Respect for individuality.

  • Choice of activities based on their own choice.

  • Adequate space to share their experiences (communication in general).

  • Adaptive regime.   

  • Protection of personality.


Children have a duty:

  • Respect and follow the rules of behaviour established together.

  • Respect and observe the rules for handling property.

  • Observe social and hygienic habits.

  • Observe the rules of safety.


Legal guardians have the right to:

  • To be informed about the progress and results of their children's education.

  • To be advised by the school on matters relating to their children's education.

  • To be informed promptly of their child's illness, sickness or injury.   

  • To confidentiality and protection of information concerning their personal and family life.

  • To be present for educational activities in the classroom with the agreement of the teacher.

  • To contribute their suggestions to enrich the educational content.

  • To request in writing for an individual modification of the rules laid down in the school regulations.   

  • To be informed through bulletin boards and joint meetings about their child's progress.

  • To be actively involved in solving problems at school.

  • To have access to, rectification and erasure of personal data and the right to object to the processing of personal data, which is governed by the GDPR Data Protection Directive.

  • To information about upcoming school events on noticeboards, in the Classdojo app or in the monthly newsletter.


Legal representatives are obliged to:

  • Ensure the child's proper attendance at kindergarten.

  • To hand over the child in person to the teacher who is present.

  • To bring the child healthy.   

  • Report in a timely manner any changes in the child's behavior, changes in the child's health, or other serious matters that may affect the child's educational progress.

  • Inform the nursery school immediately if an infectious disease occurs. The kindergarten will pass this information on to the other legal representatives.

  • Report any changes in important data and information - change of residence, telephone, health insurance company, etc. - in a timely manner.    Pay the education fees and boarding fees within the given deadlines.

  • Excuse your child's absence from kindergarten on time.

  • Ensure that the child does not bring dangerous (pointy, sharp) or expensive objects to the kindergarten.

  • Respect the rules of good behaviour when on the kindergarten premises.


Details of the rules of mutual relations with school staff:

  • Mutual discussions between legal representatives and teaching staff take place during consultation hours or individually by prior arrangement with the teaching staff with a view to minimising accidents. Both parties observe the principle of not discussing the child's problems in front of the child.

  • The processing of children's personal data for the purpose of promoting the school (website, social networks, promotional materials, photographs) is only possible with the express consent of the children's legal representatives.

  • Teaching staff are obliged to maintain confidentiality and protect from misuse personal data, information on the health status of children and the results of counselling assistance from the school counselling centre and the school counselling centre with which they have come into contact    The schedule of events is published in September (for term 1) and January (for term 2) on the kindergarten website and notice board. 

  • If a child falls ill while at the kindergarten, the kindergarten staff member informs the legal guardian immediately. For this reason, the legal guardian must regularly update the contacts at which he/she can be reached during the day. The legal guardian shall arrange for the child to be taken away from the kindergarten.

  • In the event of an accident to a child, the head teacher and the child's legal guardian shall be informed immediately. The accident is recorded in the accident book, which is kept in the school principal's office.

  • In the event of any dissatisfaction with the actions of the staff, the Headmistress is prepared to deal with the complaint on the school premises.

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